Benefits to an Intimate Wedding

We will not begin with saying the C-word, but if it has taught us anything while working in the wedding industry, we know that intimate weddings have now become more popular. There are no rules for an intimate wedding, no obligations, and the bonus is you can provide an amazing experience for your guests.


You can start thinking about all the ways to make this memorable for your guests and to you as a couple. Wedding guests love feeling like they are special too. This is a great opportunity to provide a stellar experience with details your guests will not forget. Are you thinking about a personalized escort wall, individual over-the-top favours? Now is your time to dream up all the potential that you can incorporate into your day!

Quality Time

The honest reality is your wedding day goes by FAST, and when you have a guest count of one hundred to two hundred guests it makes it hard to spend time with each person. With a smaller guest list, you have more time to enjoy each special moment amongst the important people you have decided to celebrate with.

Dream Team

A big part of your wedding is the team that makes it all happen, right? If you decide on an intimate wedding this allows you to truly have your dream vendors, which may have seemed like “how can we afford this?” when planning a large celebration. Your guest count affects how much you spend on catering, florals, and even stationery.

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