Why a Wedding Rehearsal is a Must

Whether you are married, getting married, or have attended a wedding rehearsal as part of the wedding party you can see the value of a rehearsal.

Our first reason is that a rehearsal allows every person to be on the same page. More often than not each person will have their own opinions or have their own expectations on how your ceremony should go. Whether this vision is from a previous wedding, or their own wedding having a rehearsal allows you as the couple, your officiant, and your wedding planner to be on the exact same page. While we appreciate each opinion differing opinions can lead to confusion and this is exactly what we want to avoid!

Having a Wedding rehearsal can really eliminate the pre-wedding nerves that you, your partner, your family, and your friends can feel. Yes, we know this is a really exciting time and feeling prepared can provide you with so much ease. By having a wedding rehearsal you will know more of what to expect, and you will be able to walk away feeling at ease and that you have an amazing team behind you ready to rock your wedding day.

Our most important reason for having a rehearsal is that you CAN change your mind! Let us say you thought that you wanted your wedding party to walk down in pairs, you are now able to see how this looks beforehand. Maybe you are thinking you would rather each person walk down solo instead. What if you realize you want to change the order around from the original plan? A rehearsal is like a trial run and allows you to make the changes that are the best for your day!

Always remember that your rehearsal does not need to be complicated, it is meant to make you feel confident in your overall day and to make you feel as stress-free as possible!

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